A company can be nominated for a maximum of three award categories. Banks and other service providers can nominate a maximum of three corporate clients per category. One per category is preferred. (Please get permission from your client before you nominate them.)

Top Treasury Team of the Year

This treasury team/individual will have shown a real sense of drive and determination and true agility in the face of challenges or adversity. This will also be demonstrated in the way the finance function has managed to raise its profile through effective communication both inside and outside the organisation. This award acknowledges the people who have made the most contribution across the board.

Best Cash Management

Has your organisation made tangible improvements in this area? This solution could range from improving data visibility through to implementing cash pooling, or even improving reporting on cash. Your team could have shown excellent adaptability to new regulations or strides to getting better returns on surplus cash.

Best Working Capital Management

These are key processes in your business. Has your company implemented a solution that has improved any areas along the cycle from order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay and forecast-to-fulfilment? Have you put in place a good supplier finance programme, improving the way information flows around your company’s supply chain to tangible working capital management improvements?

Most Effective use of IT

Many companies have had to cut their budgets, and spending on technology has been hit hard. However, doing more with less shows excellence in this category. Has your company put in place a new ERP system or a TMS? Has your company used your existing IT to best advantage to improve cash management or to help support the supply chain? In this category, the solution that shows best practice or innovation led by technology will be the winner.

Top Funding Solution

It isn’t easy raising funds in the current market environment. Every treasury is on the look-out for alternative sources of finance. Have you found different avenues for raising funds? This category looks at both single fund-raisings and changes to your overall capital structure. What instruments have you tapped? Have you been flexible and opportunistic as new windows open (and shut). This solution could be commercial paper, longer term funding or funding from any other source. Tell us your story.

Most Innovative Treasury Solutions

Your treasury department has a lot to be proud of. It has launched an initiative that has really made a difference. Perhaps it has improved processes that have really paid off in terms of their environmental impact or effect on costs. Perhaps you’ve implemented a team initiative that has really bonded your treasury as a group. Maybe you re-engineered your processes to gain strategic efficiency. Let us know about the innovations in your treasury practice.

Best Finance Company

Acting as the in-house bank of the group, your finance company has managed to cut finance cost significantly, improve efficiency, control and visibility. As a non-banking financial institution, your finance company is actively participating in the inter-bank markets and is part of the decision-making process for strategic financing and investments. This award acknowledges the excellence of the winner who fully exerts the function of the finance company.

Top Local or Global Banking Solution

This category awards the best in bank relationship management. You may have looked at the optimal balance between international and domestic banks. Changing or improving your bank relationships requires real finesse and teamwork. Perhaps you have had to rethink all your banking strategies. Perhaps you have made small changes for maximum gain. Have you streamlined your bank relationships? Have you consolidated them or even have you expanded them and found a better way of managing them?

Best Risk Management

Risk management is a core expertise of treasury departments, and attracts the attention of regulators too. Foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity volatility are a significant threat to corporate budgets and must be managed carefully, along with counterparty credit risk. When operational or cyber risks of new technology are included too, risk management becomes mission critical. This award recognises treasurers who have protected their companies with skilled risk management decisions.

Best Supply Chain Finance Management

Supply chain finance can help smooth the financing of transactions. Often, the smallest suppliers can gain benefits from the credit position of the larger members of the chain. Both domestic and/or across global supply chains, supply chain finance best practice can be win-win for all parties. The top solutions offer the best costs and reliability to all parties. Risk identification and management is key – whether it be trade finance, foreign exchange risk and funding. This award winner will be one where the benefits of sharing are most apparent.

Best Response to Change

All treasury departments are striving to improve their processes in order to gain efficiency, but rapid change can make it a top priority, even a matter of survival. Have external events prompted a total change in your processes? Has rapid growth or a move to mobile e-commerce meant you had to junk old systems and replace them? Or there may have been a merger and you have used the opportunity to re-evaluate all your work practices. This award goes to the boldest and the best.

Best SME Financing/Cash Solutions

SME financing has been facing a bottleneck. However, with the deepening of the market-oriented interest rate reform and a shift in the focus of banking services, services for SME cash management and / or financing are getting more and more mature. With this award, we hope to highlight SMEs and banks cash management solutions or financing options in the implementation of advanced cases and innovation.

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