How to enter: Guidelines and tips

Entrants must send a clear explanation as to why they should win the category/categories. Please use the application form provided and keep the length of your answers within the limits. Any commercially sensitive information in the entry should be marked as such and will not be publicised by the judging panel. Please note, however, that the judges will not find it possible to present an award to an entrant that does not offer an adequate amount of publishable material. 

What we are looking for

We are looking for a good narrative that shows how a treasury has adapted to the extremes of market volatility. That means there aren't any checklists or lengthy submissions. We don’t want check-boxes, because that’s not your kind of treasury. What we are looking for is a compelling story which can excite our interest and has proven to be problem-solving, with concrete examples.

Judging process

The judging panel will comprise members of the EuroFinance editorial team and independent judges. Their decision will be based purely on merit. The judging panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into with unsuccessful entrants other than to advise them of the results of the awards. Entrants will be notified whether they have won or been shortlisted as soon after the closing date as a thorough judging process allows. Anyone considering entering these awards who has any questions about the rules or procedures may email

Each nomination will be evaluated against one or more of the following quantitative measures and judged by an esteemed panel of treasury experts.

  • Reduction in bank credit lines
  • Reduction in bank charges
  • Cost savings
  • ROI
  • Improvement in company credit rating
  • Time taken to implement solution and realise benefits
  • Productivity gains
  • Process efficiencies
  • Improvements in days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Improvements in days payable outstanding (DPO)
  • Improvements in the cash conversion cycle (CCC)
  • Improvements in days inventory outstanding (DIO)
  • Yield enhancement
  • Interest savings
  • CP rating
  • Pricing enhancements
  • Foreign exchange gain(s)
  • Risk removed/mitigated
  • Recognised quality accreditation
  • SixSigma methodology or similar
  • Satisfies compliance requirement (eg. SoX)

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