Most Effective Use of IT

Winner: Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals

Comments: This technology solution, which solves a real problem, effectively improves the hospital service. It is a management platform which integrates the fund management and patient medical record and is a model for integration of cash management system and data management.

One of the functions of Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals (BMAH) is to conduct organizational management to all the grade tier three hospital of Beijing. Different hospitals build their medical system with different standard. There are multiple ways of identification including IC card, magnetic card and bar code card. Patients have to process different medical cards when they go to different hospitals. For all hospitals there is always the problem of long waiting time before the windows to make fee payment. These problems affect the unified management of BMAH and also make it inconvenient for the patients to go to hosptial. In order to solve the problem of medical service and fee payment, BMAH cooperated exclusively with the Bank of Beijing to promote the Jingyitong project in all the tier three hospitals of Beijing. With real name card processing and repayment mode, it replaces the various medical cards at different hospitals. The project provides better service to the patients, reduces waiting time and standardizes the medical service process.

The Jingyitong project uses the unified standard of the industry and builds a cross-hospital medical payment settlement platform. The hospitals conduct hospital information system (HIS) transformation based on this standard to connect with Jingyitong system and then the Jingyitong system is connected with the back end system of the bank. For fund settlement, the hospital will reconcile the fund from the daily transaction and the settlement system of Jingyitong. After the reconciliation, the system will then allocate the prepaid fund and fund from the payment of each hospital based on the principle of separate income and payment processing. The payment that actually occurs in the hospital will then be put back into the accounts of the hospital. With this solution, BMAH will get the direct information on the medical payment at each hospital and reduce the statistical workload.

In terms of medical service, Jingyitong issues card at the hospitals and the functions of card issuance, prepayment, registration, payment, report sheet printing and information inquiry can be realized in the hospital. The card uses real name and card holders can report the loss of the card. It also supports cash and UnionPay debit card for prepayment. The Jingyitong project transformation is easy to implement and very flexible. The client end can be set up based on different needs. It will help the hospitals to effectively streamline the out-patient service process, reduce the waiting time of the patients while paying fees and improve the medical service efficiency of the hospital. At the same time, the Jingyitong project has unified format, unified function and unified service to meet the need of local regulatory bodies and facilitates the collection of the statistical medical data.

Jingyitong uses the information technology to solve problems of the organizational management, medical service fee payment, and fund settlement. Therefore it is a classical case in this regard. It satisfies the need of unified and centralized management mode of the BMAH, and provides more convenient and safe medical service payment mode to the patients. The hospitals also streamline the medical service process and improve the efficiency of medical service with this opportunity. At the same time, with the support of the back end system, the hospital improves the accuracy of the account reconciliation and enhances the fund turnover efficiency.

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